• Misinformation Village @ MozFest House 2023 - Amsterdam


    Virtual Event

    Monday, June 19


    🌟 Harnessing the Power of Effective Messaging for Safe and Inclusive Technology 🌟


    Read Joel Benge's blost post about this session.

    In this era of rapid technological advancements, the impact of clear and impactful communication cannot be underestimated. It holds the key to
    shaping the trajectory of AI and other emerging technologies. Join us at our exclusive workshop, where we will delve into the crucial connection between messaging and adopting safe and inclusive frameworks in the
    tech world.

    - Crafting Authentic Messages for Ethical AI and Responsible Technology

    Through a unique collaborative model, Joel Benge 👓 (MessageSpecs Consulting) will guide participants in extracting compelling and authentic messages from diverse and complex problems. Together, we will discuss the importance of trust in AI systems while fostering a culture of inclusion and responsibility, explore how we can shape public perception of AI and new emerging technology and generate demand for ethical and
    responsible AI through powerful narratives that prioritize safety and inclusion.

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    Misinformation Village @ MozFest 2023


    Virtual Event

    Wednesday, March 23


    The information landscape constantly evolves, resulting in cross-sector, cross-network harms that impact individuals, organizations, and governments in various ways. Some take a “cognitive” approach to fight against disinformation, arming themselves and their workforce with logically sound resources to sort through the information. Others take a cyber approach, using network monitoring tools to defend against digital vulnerabilities. Few meet in the middle with data security.


    In this discussion, we aim to develop a common ground for discussing algorithmic MDM vulnerabilities, how MDM impacts various sectors differently, and what steps we might take to reduce harm to everyone involved. Every sector has a different opinion on dealing with the influence of data and MDM issues. We aim to treat MDM as a hybrid issue that impacts society, pulling from all resources available to fight back against it. We will discuss:


    - Ad-Tech targeting and sensor technologies Data collection for story propagation SEO marketing (Blackhat and white hat)

    - The economic “influence” ecosystem & Data security as both a defence against hyper-targeting and a tool to counter MDM.