• Misinformation Village @ MozFest 2023


    Virtual Event

    Wednesday, March 23


    The information landscape constantly evolves, resulting in cross-sector, cross-network harms that impact individuals, organizations, and governments in various ways. Some take a “cognitive” approach to fight against disinformation, arming themselves and their workforce with logically sound resources to sort through the information. Others take a cyber approach, using network monitoring tools to defend against digital vulnerabilities. Few meet in the middle with data security.


    In this discussion, we aim to develop a common ground for discussing algorithmic MDM vulnerabilities, how MDM impacts various sectors differently, and what steps we might take to reduce harm to everyone involved. Every sector has a different opinion on dealing with the influence of data and MDM issues. We aim to treat MDM as a hybrid issue that impacts society, pulling from all resources available to fight back against it. We will discuss:


    - Ad-Tech targeting and sensor technologies Data collection for story propagation SEO marketing (Blackhat and white hat)

    - The economic “influence” ecosystem & Data security as both a defence against hyper-targeting and a tool to counter MDM.


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