• Welcome to the

    Misinformation Village

    August 10-13, 2023 Las Vegas, USA (Caesars Forum - Room 224)

  • DEFCON 31

    August 11-13, 2023

    Las Vegas, USA

    Caesar's Forum

  • RightsCon 2023

    June 5, 2023

    San José, Costa Rica

    National Convention Centre

    Room: "Guanacaste 3"

  • Village Presentation

    The Misinformation Village is a collaborative of dis- and misinformation researchers, data analysts and computer linguists, cybersecurity and defence professionals, and all like-minded professionals across academia, civil society, government and industry.


    We seek to establish open and broad-sector frameworks to define, expose, analyze and counter the security challenges of misinformation and disinformation campaigns on democratic regimes, free markets and open, democratic societies.



    Open frameworks and open data infrastructure enhance and promote the production of scientific knowledge and industry expertise as they enable collaboration, information sharing, transparency, and reproducibility.


    We aim to provide a common infrastructure for researchers to share data, tools, and knowledge, leading to more accurate research outcomes, better-informed policy decisions, and innovative solutions to complex problems. Diverse and inclusive research outcomes will ensure the benefits of scientific progress are shared widely. By supporting open frameworks, we strive to accelerate scientific discovery, drives innovation, and create a more equitable and sustainable information landscape for all.



    Our mission is to inform, create and share new resources on the thorny and intersectional information, cognitive and defence challenge that is disinformation. We want to remain a physical space for broad-sector problem definition and collaboration. Specifically, we aim to:

    • Engage technologists, OSINT investigators, civil society, media, defence and law enforcement communities through rich content, workshops, hackathons, and challenges.
    • Engage with media professionals and storytellers on the subject of emerging tech, democracy challenges and information warfare.
    • Address open-knowledge infrastructures deficits and draw attention to vulnerabilities within information creation and sharing platforms.
    • We aim to be a movement in a physical (in-person) environment for broad-sector problem definition and collaboration.
    • Provide a continuous and resilient space for trust, safety, and civic integrity professionals to engage with the industry.
    Throughout our efforts, we also aim to provide and stir funding towards new tools, open knowledge movements and communities, existing and new communities of practice and collaboratives in the ecosystem.



    We welcome a broad audience of technologists, builders, cognitive scientists, cybersecurity professionals, hackers, social scientists, computer linguists, data analysts, storytellers, and media professionals to join our movement.


  • SimPPL: Use simulation intelligence for decision-making

    imPPL is collectively building public civic integrity tools to help audit the spread of online information.

    SimPPL empowers journalists and media development staff at The Sunday Times, Deutsche Welle, and others at Columbia University, and New York University to identify misinformation and disinformation online.

  • Contact Us

    Do you want to sponsor this event or are you interested in contributing to the Misinformation Village at DEFCON 2023?
    Feel free to send us a message here or fill out our 2023 interest form: https://forms.gle/tE9goqzoDbNtWiNP6

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