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    The Misinformation Village At DEFCON 31

    August 10-13, 2023 Las Vegas, USA (Caesars Forum - Room 224)

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    SimPPL: Use simulation intelligence for decision-making

    SimPPL is collectively building public civic integrity tools to help, monitor, audit and analyze the spread of online information.

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    Social media intelligence for anomalies detection

    Information Tracer leverages an advanced technical system to combat online misinformation, hate speech, and scams.

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    MessageSpecs: Be A NERD That TALKS Good

    MessageSpecs helps really smart companies overcome the “why can’t we articulate what we know we want to say?” problem.

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    We started this projects directory page to highlight projects from our collaborators and contributors. We will continue to highlight new projects that focus on the intersection of democracy, civics and new emerging informational threats.